Constipation (Novalac IT1-IT2-IT3)

Is your baby putting too much effort to defecate?

When it comes to a baby’s bowel movements, there’s no “normal ” or standard” number of times they should defecate— only what’s normal for your baby. It’s not only a matter of frequency of stools, but you also need to pay attention to their aspect. If the stools of your baby are hard and dry and cause discomfort, then he/she is more likely to suffer from constipation.

There are multiple reasons for constipation in infants, and most of them are related to your baby’s diet. Constipation could be observed when you:

Stop breastfeeding and switch to an inadequate infant formula
Start introducing  solid foods to his/her diet
Do not introduce enough fibers to his/her diet after 1 year of age.

Novalac adapted solution for constipation in infants

Novalac IT (Improved Transit) is specially designed to manage infantile constipation:

  •  Novalac IT contains a balanced blend of nutrients to help in maintaining the transit of food through your baby’s gut.
  •  The type of protein dominant in this formula helps to ensure these bowel movements are not delayed.
  • Novalac IT gently relieves constipation without harsh laxatives and prevents relapse.
  • Novalac IT is nutritionally complete, thus, can replace a regular formula and ensures optimal growth.

Novalac IT1: from birth-6 months
Novalac IT2: from 6 months – 1 year
Novalac IT3: From 1 – 3 years

  • Iron fortified
  • Omega 3&6

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