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If You Have a Sick Child…You Must Read This!

What might be surprising but is in fact true, is that parents who have a child diagnosed with cancer, show strength when faced a stressful event, they don’t have more symptoms of stress compared to parents with healthy kids. The number one and most important thing that parents should keep in mind, is that a

Strong Parent-Child Relationship

Most parents believe that an emotional bond with their baby is something that comes naturally. Well, it's true! But even if you will immediately have that connection with your baby at the moment he/she is born, it's important to maintain it and make sure it grows even fonder. Here are some tips to create a

Get Your Baby to Sleep Fast

All a new mother could wish for is a good night sleep. But an uncomfortable baby deprives his mother of sleep. Well, getting your baby to sleep needs no magic remedy, just a pinch of love and your gentle touch. Get your little one to relax, calm down and go to sleep... How? Give your

How to Act with Your New Born

At each milestone of your baby's development, you, as a mother, have a certain role to play, of course besides the non-stop affection to provide during his long lifetime. What to do with your baby from the day you bring him to this life until he reaches his 6th month? His 1st month During your

Getting Back to Work After Maternity Leave

The baby you've been waiting for has finally come! You had your time to heal from giving birth, sometimes to spent with your newborn, maybe not enough, but you have got to get back to your job! Leaving your baby for the first time is not easy, and there is no tip or trick to

Toddlers Parenting & Behavior

6 Tips to Avoid Missing the Brain Meal

Mornings are common to be a hectic part of the day, from waking your children up, getting them dressed and getting dressed yourself along with the lists of things we need to do before we leave, we often don’t take that much time to think about what we are going to feed our children for

4 Ways to Control Toddler Tantrum

 A lot of the times our little ones drive us crazy to the point of no return: screaming, crying, stubbornness and misbehaving. You tell them once, twice and three times to do something or to stop behaving a certain way and they don’t listen. At this point your vision gets blurry and your head foggy

8 Ways to Boost Your Two Year Old’s Confidence

I’m pretty sure as mothers you know what it’s like when your child is always hiding behind your legs in public places or even at home when guests are around and are too shy to approach to say ‘hi’. This makes mums worry about what the implications could be. Does this mean that your child

Keeping Your Family Active

Most of the time, after your children get back from school and after you are back home from a long day of work or chores your first priority is to sit back and watch TV ,surf the net, work some more on the laptop or play video games. We succumb to these sedentary activities which

The Truth About Dreams

You often wonder, as you watch your baby randomly smile while she sleeps, what is she smiling about? Well one things for sure, It's not clear at what age kids begin to dream, but even toddlers may speak about having dreams — pleasant ones and scary ones. While almost every child has an occasional frightening

Advocate Responsibility

Developing responsibility means becoming trustworthy or accountable for one’s actions. Encouraging your child to become responsible should start at an early age. It will take a lot of work and patience on your part, but it will be worth every minute of effort, both for you and for your child. Here are some tips to