Colic (Novalac AC)

Don’t you miss your peaceful and quiet nights?

If your baby cries excessively for long periods of time and appears to be uncomfortable and in pain, passes gas and refuses to eat, then he/she is most likely to be suffering from colic. Usually, symptoms tend to worsen in the evening and your baby may find it difficult to fall asleep.

Being unable to pacify an inconsolable baby can be exhausting and constant crying can increase your stress and anxiety. You didn’t cause the colic, so try not to feel guilty. You can take steps to help calm your baby, such as frequent burping, not overfeeding, rocking gently or giving gentle massages.

If these symptoms persist, it is most probably because your baby’s colic is related to his/her diet: his/her digestive system may be sensitive to some nutrients (such as lactose for example) that may lead to gas and abdominal pain.

Novalac adapted solution for colic baby

Novalac AC is an easily digested formula specially designed to manage colic:

  • Novalac AC contains an adapted amount of lactose to limit its fermentation in your baby’s colon and thus reduces gas and flatulence.
  • Novalac AC is nutritionally complete, thus, can replace a regular formula and ensures optimal growth.

Novalac AR digest ensures comfort for both baby and parents.

Novalac AC: From birth onwards
  • Iron fortified
  • Omega 3&6

Always refer to your health care professional for medical advice.

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