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Dr. Fadi Chamseddine Provides Answers about pregnancy, breastfeeding and more

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Dr. Ghassan Dbaibo Provides Answers to What Every Parent Must Know About COVID-19

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Breastfeeding and Tooth Decay: Are They Related?

Breastfeeding is essential for babies, it nourishes them with the nutrients they need for a healthy growth and development. But recent studies have shown that breastfeeding a baby after the age of 2 can lead to infant tooth decay. Researchers have found that 40% of children that are breastfed between the ages of 6 to

Sensory Processing Disorder: What is it?

A mother talks about her 5-year-old daughter who suffers from "Sensory Processing Disorder”, a condition resulting when sensory signals are received but not interpreted normally by the nervous system, she says: "My 5-year-old daughter's problem focuses mainly with the touch... Her brain misinterprets certain feelings and temperature as pain or she just does not feel

Defend Your Baby Against Fat

You might be aware that teaching your children healthy eating habits at a young age will stay with them forever. As well as, teaching your little ones to exercise from day 1 will result in a life-long habit of exercising and staying fit. Even if you have obesity running in your family, the earlier your

Dangers of Second Hand Smoke on Newborns

What is secondhand smoke? Secondhand smoke is the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar combined with the smoke breathed out by the smoker. You can be exposed to secondhand smoke anytime a person smokes near you. How secondhand smoke affects babies and children especially those born with low weight? Why

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What’s Worse Than Having a Bad Hair Day? Head Lice

What’s worse than having a Bad hair day? – Head-Lice When you see your child constantly itching his head in frustration, or feeling tingly often its best you check him up for head lice! The sooner you detect this, the better! You don’t want your child spreading it around the household or to her other

Preventing Childhood Obesity

More and more children suffer from obesity every year due to inactivity and unhealthy lifestyles. Putting your children on strict diets is not the solution! In treating most overweight children, the main emphasis should be to prevent weight gain exceeding expected increases in height. For many children, this may mean limited or no weight gain

The Unfair Fight Every Parent Struggles With

You are exhausted from a long day at work, ticking things off your to-do list, grocery shopping, cooking and a little cleaning here and there. Your children are back home and haven’t stopped begging you to take them out to Mc Donald’s cause they have a new series of toys they want to collect with

Fast Food: Side Effects

Eating in fast food restaurants is becoming more and more of a trend in our countries. Of course your kids love eating burgers, french fries, and always try to get away with as many coke refills as he/she can! Not to mention the toys that comes with every meal! It is always your kids’ first

Processed Food vs. Home-Made Food

The meals we, including our babies and kids, are consuming nowadays are very far from being natural. They all contain food additives and preservatives. Are these additives really dangerous and can be harmful for health? To start, let’s define what food additives are and why they are used in most of the manufactured foods. Food

A Hopeful Case: Let the Food be The Cure!

How would you feel if your 4 year- old boy was diagnosed with Autism? Devastated? Sad? Well, that’s how the mother of Ben was feeling. She was totally shocked! Especially that it was at a time when people weren’t that aware of Autism! What she thought was incurable, was cured thanks to the advice: “Let