Excel with Genio 3 Plus

Our latest milk product specially formulated to meet the needs of your children from 3 years and above!

During the next 3 years, your toddler will mature in his/her Physical development and Brain development.

Reasons these Nutrients are important:

  • Omega 3&6 are the building blocks of your kid’s brain and are hard for children to obtain in their regular meals.
  • Vitamin D is crucial for normal bone development however it is not easy for children to obtain this vitamin from food or from sun exposure.
  • IRON is an essential nutrient for Intelligence development. Yet Children are vulnerable to suffer from iron deficiency anemia which might strongly affect their learning abilities.

Using Fortified Growth Milk is one of the several simple things you can do to help your little one get all the Vitamins he/she needs. Genio 3 PLUS is growth milk that contains plenty of hard to get nutrients your toddler needs to grow to his/her full potential.

Genio 3 Plus: from 3 years and above

Essential Vitamins & minerals in every cup

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