How to Act with Your New Born

At each milestone of your baby’s development, you, as a mother, have a certain role to play, of course besides the non-stop affection to provide during his long lifetime. What to do with your baby from the day you bring him to this life until he reaches his 6th month?

His 1st month
During your baby’s first month, enjoy getting to know your angel, cuddle him, talk to him and learn the signals he tries to speak, for example, when he’s sleepy or hungry…because, well, it’s everything they tend to do at this age!
Make sure your baby explores the world outside! Take him for walks, to the park or playground where there are plenty of kids. He will enjoy relaxing outdoors with you and around plenty of other children!
Get close to your baby, sing, talk and read to him. Play simple games with him, such as peekaboo or mimicking her sounds. Don’t be scared if he cries, it just means he’s ready to sleep!

He’s 3 months now!
Don’t go: “I’m not going to respond to him when crying, I don’t want to spoil him!”. SPOIL HIM? Your baby needs to feel secure so whenever he starts crying, respond to him as fast as you can!
Put him on his tummy! Tummy time helps your baby strengthen his muscles.
Read books together, share cuddles, play games, and encourage his efforts, give a lot of love and affection!