Strong Parent-Child Relationship

Most parents believe that an emotional bond with their baby is something that comes naturally. Well, it’s true! But even if you will immediately have that connection with your baby at the moment he/she is born, it’s important to maintain it and make sure it grows even fonder.

Here are some tips to create a “Healthy and strong” emotional attachment with your baby.

A child will NEVER grow happy and healthy if he has bad relationship with his parents, whether if he’s missing his/her mother’s affection, or his/her father’s daily presence. In order to raise a happy and confident child, it is very important to build, since day 1, a healthy and strong emotional attachment.

Start with the physical! The attention to physical health is important to building that attachment, that’s why, keep your baby warm, dry, comfortable and safe! Also breastfeeding can create a very strong bond between the mother and the baby!

You might think your baby does not understand the tone of your voice… Not true!

Your baby can differentiate the happy from the angry tone! He/she knows when you’re cheering, when you’re angry or sad. That’s why, always keep a kind voice, and respond soothingly even if you feel like your baby has been crying from 2 days in a row!

Stay cheerful, keep smiling, clap your hands and give a lot of happy hugs because your child can sense it when you’re sad or angry even if you didn’t show it, he feels it in your voice!

Don’t feel ashamed or sad if you make a mistake, no parent is perfect! Just remember, like learning a new and COMPLEX skill, parenting needs time and patience to master!

Some ideas to help you bond with your baby:
– Have a daily face-to-face time with your baby to cuddle and play.
– Understand his non-verbal cues by observing him.
– Respond to those cues so your baby knows that he can rely on you to always be comfortable!
– Guide your baby and help him explore the world.