Getting Back to Work After Maternity Leave

The baby you’ve been waiting for has finally come! You had your time to heal from giving birth, sometimes to spent with your newborn, maybe not enough, but you have got to get back to your job! Leaving your baby for the first time is not easy, and there is no tip or trick to do to make it easier… But what we can ease for you is getting back to business without having anything missing!

Here are some tips to help you get back to work well prepared after your maternity leave:

Do some shopping!
Every woman likes shopping! Well, here’s your opportunity to go shopping for a good reason!
Make sure you pick those few things as a first step before getting back to work:

– A breast Pump – that way whenever you’re out your baby can still have the milk he needs. Make sure you buy a decent bag to carry your pump around!
– Nursing pads – You don’t want your breasts to burst while you have a meeting with your boss! Always be prepared in case you got delayed on pumping!
– A frame to put your baby’s photo in – In order to feel a little closer, keep your baby’s picture in front of you on your desk! But, if it makes you feel any less comfortable reminding you that you’re away from your baby, take it back!
– Healthy Snacks – The fact that you just gave birth doesn’t give you the right to eat whatever you want. So, instead of having chocolate or sugary foods as snacks, grab some apples, carrots, any kind of fruits or vegetables!
– Frozen Dinners – You think you might have the time to cook dinner when you’re home, but… You don’t! Between bottles, diapers, bath and sleep, you will find yourself ready to go to bed… Without eating, or feeding your hungry husband! Stock up on some frozen dinner, or you can cook some on your own and freeze them.

Get Comfortable in your Clothes
Don’t try to put on those tight pre-pregnancy clothes, trust me, they won’t fit! And the only thing they will make you feel is uncomfortable and depressed about your baby weight!
What you want to do is go a little post-pregnancy shopping, to stay comfortable until you lose those extra pounds you gained!

Go Slow on Work
You don’t want to get back to your regular schedule right away, leaving your baby for 9 hours straight for the first time. That’s why you can get back to work before your maternity leave ends, you can start part time to “test the water”!

Also try scheduling your come back in the middle of the week. A full week of 40+ hours will be a shock to you and your little baby!

Meet with your boss
Coming back to work after a long time will make you feel a little out of the loop, that’s why, meeting with your boss will let in there again. Knowing what you missed (changes, promotions, etc.) and knowing what you need to do after you come back is essential! Try asking if you can go back with flexible hours, the answer might be “NO!” but it might be “YES!” so it wouldn’t hurt to ask!

2P’s: Practice and Prepare
Before you get back to work, practice how to manage your time and prepare for any crisis that may occur: start practicing what time to wake up in order to finish up on time, prepare to when you might face a diaper change, your crying baby or anything else!