Fast Food: Side Effects

Eating in fast food restaurants is becoming more and more of a trend in our countries.
Of course your kids love eating burgers, french fries, and always try to get away with as many coke refills as he/she can! Not to mention the toys that comes with every meal!

It is always your kids’ first choice to have lunch in a fast food restaurant when asked where they want to have lunch as a weekend treat or for the simple reason of behaving at the pediatricians.
The surprise is that not only do kids prefer eating fast food but you parents enjoy it too (admit it)!  But the question remains: Why? : Because most parents claim that:

  • Fast food is easy to get
  • Meals are very tasty.
  • Buying fast food is a great option because it means no cooking for you
  • Cheaper than eating in a traditional food restaurant. (Especially with the family!)

But, have you ever taken a minute to think about what is going into your child’s body when he/she is eating the famous “HAPPY MEAL”?
Bear in mind that while you and your kids are enjoying these tasty burgers, nuggets and French fries, a huge amount of calories and sodium are enjoying getting into your body!

A simple HAPPY MEAL provides your kid with:

  • 35 to 39% fat
  • More than 50% of the recommended total daily sodium intake for children.

This is without mentioning the huge amounts of sugar inside the soda drinks.
For instance, a simple hamburger provides around: 250 Cal, from which:

  • 80 Cal are from fat,
  • And do contain 3.5g saturated fat!

A small French fries provide around 230 Cal, from which:

  • 100 Cal are from fat,
  •  And do contain 1.5g saturated fat!

A cup of soda drink provides around 150 Cal.
Overall, a simple happy meal will provide around 700 calories!!! A really huge amount of calories!

Whereas, a homemade meal, consisting of a bowl of salad with a cup of milk and 1 fruit will provide much less calories and much more essential and beneficial nutrients for your kid.
So think twice before offering your family a delicious fast food meal and always remember that eating fast food is harmful and not beneficial in any way to your body.

These kinds of food contain a high amount of saturated fats, which are very dangerous to your health.
Fast food meals are very high in calories without being nutritious! They are known to be “empty calorie foods”. They are free of essential fats (omega 3 and omega 6: the essential fat for your child’s brain development and for your overall health), they don’t contain neither vitamins nor minerals which are essential for your kid’s development.

Moreover, it is confirmed that people who eat frequently at fast food restaurants, are more likely to gain weight and become obese.
To sum up, fast food meals in abundance exposes your kids to high risks of developing diseases in the future such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Do you still want to be a loyal client to FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS?