Defend Your Baby Against Fat

You might be aware that teaching your children healthy eating habits at a young age will stay with them forever. As well as, teaching your little ones to exercise from day 1 will result in a life-long habit of exercising and staying fit. Even if you have obesity running in your family, the earlier your child starts exercising, the sooner exercise will operate defense against fatness!

If your baby is between 0 and 6 months old, here are some exercises to build your baby’s motor skills gradually:

I- Chest Cross

  •  Hold both the baby’s hands in the “Grip” position.
  •  Spread baby’s arms out to the sides, bring them in across his chest, and spread them out again.
  • Do this exercise slowly and gently, repeating the movement 5 times.

II- Bicycle

1.    With baby lying on his back, hold his feet or lower legs and gently push one leg up toward his chest while extending the other.
2.    Alternately push and extend each leg 3 times. Stop and then repeat the exercise.
After you finish, let baby kick freely.

III- Elbow Stand

1.    Lay the child on his stomach, and place his elbows directly underneath his shoulders, his forearms on the floor.
2.    Grasp and lift baby’s hips and trunk to form a 45-degree angle with the floor. Let the child rest on his forearms. Try to lift the legs up a little higher, but make sure the baby doesn’t bang his nose.

Always make sure that your baby is enjoying the exercising, if he cries during the exercise get the clue that he doesn’t like and just wants you to stop!