Where is My Baby at 10 Months?

Before his first year, each month of your baby’s life makes a difference! One day your baby is crawling, the next day he’s standing on his feet by his own and walking! One day he doesn’t smile, the next day he’s laughing hysterically! Where is your 10 months old baby? What can he do? How has he developed?

His Body Growth

As everyone knows, the height of your children is gene-dependent, so it’s not an important issue. However, the weight of the baby is an essential development sign as it can give an important idea about the baby’s digestive system, whether it’s working properly or not.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization) Child growth standards for your 10 month-old:
– For Boys: Average height: 73.5 cm, Average weight: 9.2 Kg
– For Girls: Average height: 71.4 cm, Average weight: 8.5 Kg

What can my Baby do?

At 10 month old, your baby should have developed many skills, 3 of them are major:
– He’s now able to find hidden objects. Your child now realizes that if object go out of sight that doesn’t mean it has vanished entirely, therefore, he can easily find any hidden object.
– He’s more likely to imitate actions, when your baby sees you pressing buttons, he will probably press the same buttons, if you do any face expression in front of him, he will probably copy it! Watch out to everything you do or say in front of your baby!
– He’s now more likely to survive without you! His stranger anxiety has improved! Your baby now understands that you have gone for a little while and will soon be back with him, he now tolerates staying with other people when you’re not around without keeping a monotone symphony of crying!

He can communicate now!

Your baby now knows his name and answers when someone calls him! He is able to follow some simple commands, and might even say some words like mama or papa!

It’s amazing how much they can grow up and change in a few months.