My Baby: From 0 to 6 Months

Month 1:

– Regains the weight that is usually dropped right after birth.
– Head flops if not supported.
– Eye can focus at 18 to 45 cm.
– Stares at high contrast patterns and objects but does not reach.
– Recognizes only his mother’s voice.
– Startles at noise.

Month 2:

– Muscles relax and twitch less.
– Can lift his head a little when lying on his tummy.
– May reach and grab an object for a short time.
– Eyes move together and he is able to track close moving objects.
– May roll over one way.

Month 3:

– Stretches out arms and legs.
– Holds his head up when he hears a sound, to find the source of it.
– Discovers his own feet and hands.
– Holds object for a longer period.
– Cuts his first tooth! (Sometimes later that 3 months).

Month 4:

– Stands up with help, of course.
– Lifts his head a full 90 degrees angle, when lying on bed.
– Holds hands together.
– Reaches for object with a not-so-good aim.

Month 5:

– Grabs toes and feet.
– Wiggles forward on the floor.
– Reaches with good aim.
– Transfers objects from one hand to another.

Month 6:

– Holds head steady.
– Sits with back straight.
– Holds small object and explore them closely.
– Understands that object may be hiding behind one another!