Early Symptoms of Autism

Many researches have been done regarding an early discovery of Autism in children, but the 100% diagnosis is still invalid until the age of 2-3 years. Yet, some unusual early signs, might give parent the chance to intervene at an early age which can make a huge difference for an autistic child.

Below are some possible warnings for parents to notice a difference in their child behavior starting at 2 months till 2 years:

  • At 2-3 months, the absence of frequent eye contact might be a sign.
  • Your baby didn’t give the smile you’re waiting for, by 3 months.
  • He’s now 6 months old, and no small giggles or laughs!
  • He didn’t start to babble yet, and he’s 9 months old!
  • He’s one!! But you call his name with no answer; you taught that “Bye-bye” wave but he doesn’t do it!
  • That “mama” or “papa” you’re dying to hear, he’s not saying it or any other word, by his 14th month!
  • He’s not interested in anything or any game you try to play with him, and now he’s 18 months old!