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  It is becoming more and more common to send preschoolers home with homework. When I say homework I mean worksheets copying and coloring letters numbers and name writing practice. Mothers often spend hours frustrated and worried about how they are going to sit their kids down after a long day in school to ask them to finish more tasks at home. Especially when all your 3-4 year old wants to do is play!

  Sherwyn Sarabi the 4 year old Genius who scored an IQ of 160 just like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and Steph Hawking has stunned psychologists.
His mental age is measured at 8 years and 9 months more than twice his age.

  While you spend those long hours studying with your children trying to get them to sit and concentrate, bribing them with extra hours of TV for every hour of study and flipping out on them after you’ve repeated the same question over and over again yet they refuse to hear you…….. at those moments of complete agony…don’t you wish there was some sort of way to turn them into a little Genius?