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  The main concept of Positive reinforcement is noticing all the things your children do right and not emphasizing the wrong all the time. Reinforcing positive behavior helps children by making them feel good about the choices they make, which in turn motivates them to continue to improve their behavior.

  I’m pretty sure as mothers you know what it’s like when your child is always hiding behind your legs in public places or even at home when guests are around and are too shy to approach to say hi. This makes mums worry about what the implications could be. Does this mean that your child has low self-confidence? Could this define his/her personality later on in life?

  A lot of the times our little ones drive us crazy to the point of no return. Screaming Crying stubbornness and misbehaving. You tell them once twice and three times to do something or to stop behaving a certain way and they don’t listen. At this point your vision gets blurry and your head foggy no longer able tolerate anything or to think straight and….the monster is unleashed.

  It is a shocker for many parents when they first discover their little ones rubbing their private parts either with their hands or from side to side against furniture, toys or in bed before going to sleep. It’s a hard idea to associate with your children since you never think of them as sexual beings at this young age, what are they doing?

  Mornings are common to be a hectic part of the day, from waking your children up getting them dressed and getting dressed yourself along with the lists of things we need to do before we leave, we often don’t take that much time to think about what we are going to feed our children for breakfast and that any grab and go snack will do!. This couldn’t be more wrong as breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

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