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Positive Reinforcement and Your Children | 11 June 2015

  The main concept of Positive reinforcement is noticing all the things your children do right and not emphasizing the wrong all the time. Reinforcing positive behavior helps children by making them feel good about the choices they make, which in turn motivates them to continue to improve their behavior.


Reasons to use positive reinforcement:

  • Helps with their Self esteem
  • Boosts their character development
  • Motivates Good behavior

Positive reinforcement is more effective when done right after a good behavior is shown or presented.
Ways to use positive reinforcement with your children:

1. Show Feelings:

Positive reinforcement does not come in the form of a wrapped gift food or a treat. It’s nothing concrete and more verbal and emotional it can be done by simply cheering, clapping, giving thumbs up, tight hugs, high fives and giving Praise!

2. Be Specific with your Praise.

This should be done by being specific about what you are praising your children for and showing your feelings, by saying things like “I liked how you shared your toys with the other kids” or “I noticed how you asked your sister about playing with her doll, it was very polite of you.”

3. Hold Negative Judgment.

Another important point when using positive reinforcement is to hold your negative Judgment. This works by not saying anything negative to stop a bad behavior immediately (unless you really need to) instead just wait and look for things he does right and then talk to him about it. For example if you are waiting at the doctors clinic and he starts misbehaving by nagging making silly faces etc. ignore it until he sits down and starts doing something else like playing with his toys flipping through his little book then tell him how happy you are to see him waiting patiently and acting like a grown up.
Always remember that your children will do both right and wrong things together, but always encourage the things they do right. If you ask your child to pick up his toys from the floor and he picks some of them up putting them on his bed instead of his toy box, focus on what he did right and appreciate him for it.

Most importantly avoid comparison between children; and always focus on the improvements in your children.