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The 'Yes' Which Could Destroy Your Childrens Future | 11 June 2015

  Yes, one word 3 letters, which if used overtime to wrong questions and behaviors could lead to a lifetime of regret!

We all love our children and we do not enjoy seeing them upset. Therefore in order to avoid the loud crying, screaming and unnecessary tantrums we choose to give them what they want despite the fact that you might have said no to begin with!
Thoughts like “ma2ele jlede esma3 sawta lyom”, “aw ma3le mouhoum tkoun mabsouta” are what run through our minds in situations of complete chaos and toddler tantrums.

This behavior however can be accepted… once in a while, under extreme circumstances by that I mean once in a blue moon, and by that I mean once every 6 months (Please don’t pull out your calendars and actually schedule the days! But the point is it’s not right to always say yes to your children! Be it when you’re out grocery shopping or when you’re in the mall and especially when its food related!!

Despite the way you spoil your children by continuously saying yes when it comes to material possessions you can also spoil them by giving them permission to eat whatever they want by continually saying yes and this physical pain also leads to emotional and mental unhealthiness.

Don’t get me wrong, the word yes is not the problem! The problem is to what you are saying yes. If you do not stick to your “No’s” and are the type that always succumb to your children’s crying you could be leading them down an unhealthy path.

When you constantly say yes to your child Remember comfort food is not the solution.
Have a healthy day!