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4 Steps to Feeding Picky Eaters | 09 June 2015

  A lot of parents have trouble with their children when it comes to feeding them especially when trying to introduce them to healthy food, veggies and fruits. Most parents succumb to unhealthy habits after many attempts to feed them their veggies!
But the truth is feeding them doesn’t have to be that hard it can turn from a nightmare to a fun time of the day by following these four steps:

1st be a Role Model: your children are only going to be as good as you show them you are and even if they do not eat what you are eating straight away with time they will try all the things they see you eating just be patient.

2nd Take them Grocery shopping: by allowing your children to pick out the groceries you are getting them involved and they will certainly love to see their selections on the dinner table!

3rd Let them be the decision makers: we’ve all tried the million ways we can to make children complete their plates and parents usually never win this power struggle the best thing to do is to leave them to decide but make sure not to offer any snacks If they choose not to eat dinner before bed or you’ll undo the natural consequences of their choices!

4th Be Creative: last but not least, be CREATIVE color their plate’s looks for healthy ways to sneak in veggies, make healthy finger dips children love or even let them help you with simple preparations! They won’t be able to resist!

Remember always try to make meal time a time to connect and be creative with your kids! It will definitely come a long way in helping them choose better options and learn what a healthy lifestyle consists of since these teachings are just as important if not more important than any other they will learn in kindergarten.