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Chocolate, a single word all children (and adults) melt for! Its okay except when your children start taking it to extreme measures and become uncontrollably obssesed with it! what parents miss out on is that most of the time this obsession is caused by you,Yes YOU! Parents! why is this?

Longer days, lighter nights, and more worrying.  Yup, it's summer. There's something about this season that makes kids run faster and play harder and with this comes much needed safety advice! Here's how you can help keep your kid safe this season without feeling like 'Summer Cop' or 'Monster Mum', monitoring the fun right out of his/her vacation:

Has your child ever thrown a temper tantrum at the supermarket, screaming and shouting at you, just because you didn’t buy him a candy bar?

Then, it is the best time for you to start teaching money management skills to your child so that he understands its importance!

You often wonder, as you watch your baby randomly smile while she sleeps, What is she smiling about? could it be that she dreamt of a delicious bottle of milk?? Or a leisurely nap in the afternoon breeze?

Most of the time, after your children get back from school and after you are back home from a long day of work or chores your first priority is to sit back and watch TV ,surf the net, work some more on the laptop or play video games. We succumb to these sedentary activities which time after time and when done on a daily basis can affect the mental and physical health of your family.

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