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Shingles and chicken pox are not the same, so what exactly is the difference?!

  The ugly truth is that a lot of parent’s train of thinking tends to go towards the idea that it’s okay for their children to eat what they want since “they are young and will burn it off anyway” or they are too young to start worrying about what they eat or how they snack and manage certain foods throughout the day.

  Behavior is defined as something done on a regular basis and frequently it may seem like a small thing since it could be in small quantities but on an hourly basis can have drastic effects on your body. As generally known all little things add up together to have big effects so what is this behavior which could be lethal to your Childs health?

  Has your child had a fever for a while? Loss of appetite along with headaches, sore throat and stomach aches? He/ she could be experiencing the 1st stage of chicken pox:
Varicella Zoster- Virus (VZV) is the Virus which causes the FAMOUS Chicken Pox the symptoms are as follows:

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