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Laughter is The Best Medicine | 18 June 2015

What is Laughter? an inner quality, a mood, a matter for amusement.
A very recent study proved that laughter is the best medicine for your kids: "humor and other positive emotions can affect a child's well-being", according to the Stanford University School of Medicine team.

Another recent study indicates that laughter actually improves the immune system.
According to the study, it appears that laughter has many benefits:

1. It stimulates the heart, lungs and muscles and also increases the endorphins released by the brain.
2. It relieves stress.
3. It soothes tension and stomachaches.

"Research is confirming what has always made sense: When a child is happy, the immune system is active and health is supported"

Laughter is very important in a kid's social life. It helps him/her create a positive and strong emotional bond. It is also a key to positive parenting, helping families have fun and grow closer.

"Laughter is freeing and healing for people of all ages-in kids, it is their natural response to learning about their world." You need to explore what brings fun to your kids and build on healthy relationships where laughter and feeling good predominate.

Have a smiley day!