Novalac AR Digest | 15 June 2015

Spit up? Vomiting? Feeding refusal? Sleep disturbances? Wheezing?

When should reflux/vomiting  be considered a warning signal?

Some babies seem to show different alarming symptoms which should be dicussed with a health care professional:

-    Spitting up/vomiting frequently (not only after the feeding)
-    Crying often/sleep disturbances
-    Losing weight
-    Feeding difficulties
-    Coughing, wheezing etc

These symptoms may be caused by severe regurgitations or allergy to cow milk protein. Your pediatrician might consider a specially designed formula to manage these alarming signs.


Novalac adapted solution

Novalac AR digest is specially designed to manage common symptoms between severe reflux and suspected cow milk protein allergy:

•    Novalac AR Digest is strongly thickened in order to reduce reflux episodes.
•    Novalac AR Digest contains small fragments of protein to manage symptoms in case of suspected allergy to cow milk proteins.
•    Novalac AR digest is nutritionally complete, thus, can replace a regular formula and ensures optimal growth.
•    Novalac AR digest ensures comfort for both baby and parents.

Novalac AR Digest: from birth onwards
Iron fortified

Always refer to your health care professional for a medical advice.

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