Novalac AR1 & 2 | 15 June 2015


Reflux – Spit up

Are you worried about your baby’s unpleasant spitting up?

Most babies tend to spit up after every feeding. This is due to the return of the milk from the stomach up to the mouth: it is certainly smelly and unpredictable, but still normal!  


If reflux does not cause discomfort or pain to your baby, simple acts can help him/her to spit less:

•    Handle your baby gently and burp him/her often.
•    Keep your baby upright for at least 30 minutes after a feed.
•    Don't feed too much, as smaller and more frequent feedings are easier to digest.
•    If you are bottle feeding: make sure that the nipple whole isn’t too large.

Do not hesitate to consult your health care professional if your baby spits up frequently as untreated reflux may lead to further complications. Your doctor might consider a special formula that reduces the return of the milk up to the mouth.

Novalac adapted solution for reflux in babies

Novalac AR is a pre-thickened formula specially designed to manage reflux:

•    Novalac AR contains a special form of corn starch that thickens once it reaches your baby’s stomach. This thickening in the stomach helps to prevent the return of milk up to the mouth.
•    Novalac AR is easy to drink as it does not get thick in the feeding bottle.
•    Novalac AR is nutritionally complete, thus, can replace a regular formula and ensures optimal growth.

Novalac AR1: from birth until 6 months
Novalac AR2: from 6 months onwards

Iron fortified
Omega 3&6

Always refer to your health care professional for a medical advice.

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