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How To Lose/Burn Belly Fat | 09 June 2015

"My thighs are back to normal, my arms are slim, even my breasts' size has reduced, what's going on with my tummy?!"

This is the situation of every new mom! Again all you need is patience, dedication and this time... Working out! If you need the best results!

Why Do We Gain Belly Fat?
Many reasons why pregnant women gain fat around the tummy, one of the most obvious reasons is for the skin to be able to stretch to accommodate the baby and for the baby to be protected and cushioned!
Another less obvious reasons, such as hormones, genetics and cortisol. And of course, eating the wrong food, such as processed foods or junk food, sweet and sugary drinks. The more you eat, the more you crave! 

How Can I Lose/Burn Belly Fat?

Breastfeeding - Not the first time we mention it, maybe it's time for you to DO IT! Breastfeeding is important to you and your child! Many celebrities, like Beyonce, Mila Kunis, Miranda Kerr and others, attribute their post-pregnancy weight loss to breastfeeding.. And they look GOOD! That's an excellent motivation!

Again, choose your food Wisely - Cut out all junk or processed food out of your diet! If you want to have that donut, you're working out a new half hour at the gym!

Stay Motivated - Keep track of your weight loss and inch loss. But that doesn't mean you should take you weight every hour... Maybe every week!

The part everybody needs, but hates: Exercise - Get that body moving, do your cardio, your abs, your lower and upper body, build a core that can take any hard work out! And by that I mean "Taking care of your baby when he's 1 year old"