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  Women who experience severe sweating under their arms (Axillary Hyperhidrosis) usually feel limited in the kinds of activities they do throughout their days. This severe sweating condition is embarrassing for a lot of women and creates social discomfort.

Water is the key ingredient to a good detox and an even better health! But you don't have to drink it plain; you can get a little creative and add a little flavor as well with these delicious (and detoxifying) additions.

A couple of kids under you supervision, a nice home which needs to be cleaned, a dream job that you’ve worked so many years to achieve and a nice look that you should maintain in society… Well, that’s a lot! Right? One thing you can definitely find the answer for here, is your beauty!

  They say never take advice from a person who has badly shaped eyebrows, well to prevent you being that person and help you decide what eye brow shape fits YOU since there is no trend that can be applied to all people in this area of beauty, each person has their own features and their own specific form that works well for them, all we will provide you with are the simple laws to follow to ensure you make your beautiful eyes pop!

Since after all the eyebrows are the mirror of the eye.

Exercising can be hard especially that you have a newborn. Well don't worry, because you can't start exercising right after giving birth, you should wait at least 6 weeks, by then your baby has passed the 40 hard days! Plus we're going to give you ideas on how to work out with your baby!

Everybody knows that losing weight doesn't just happen overnight, except for Victoria's Secret Models! But for us, "Normal People", it takes time, patience and dedication! So until you start losing that unwanted weight, you can do these little tips to avoid looking bloated, or these tricks to avoid showing off your pregnancy weight.

   Cellulite, a problem which causes women a lot of physical discomfort and often time’s embarrassment is the “Hidden Word” of this century! You never see it anywhere on the cover of magazines, women always dress up in ways to hide it and some will go so far as to avoid going to the beach/ pool just to avoid people seeing them, making it almost nonexistent except to your own Mirror.

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