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The Importance of a Dad in his Childrens Life | 18 June 2015

Today, most fathers do not shy away from changing nappies or taking charge of the difficult tasks such as putting the baby to sleep. Thanks to our cultural change which has helped in strengthening the relationship between father and child and consequently the emotional development of a child!

All of us know that the roles of a father are just as important for a child as that of a mother. If mothers are the heroes of child education, then the significance of a father in the development and emotional wellbeing of a child is no less. Children depend on their father for their spiritual, emotional, physical, financial and social wellbeing.

For daughters, their father is the ideal man in their world and also the first man they adore, while for sons their father is an idol and the strongest man they aspire to emulate.

Although society perceptions have changed nowadays ; the father is no longer just seen as a provider and guide for his children; With most husbands and wives working, fathers in present times are just as involved in their child's education and up bringing as mothers are.

Today, most fathers do not shy away from changing nappies or taking the difficult task of putting their baby to sleep.

This cultural change is helping in strengthening father-child relationships and consequently in helping the emotional development of a child, thus creating stronger family ties and tighter bonds.

Here are some tips for a better Father-child relationship:

•        Try to spend as much quality time as possible with your children
•        Be present when they need you this will help strengthen their emotional development

It would be unfair for kids not to learn anything from their fathers. Whether they are learning academic information or they are simply engaging in activities at home it’s all better than nothing!