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Its Never too Early to Start Making Memories | 12 June 2015

  Every father and mother can only hope that they raise their children in a way that at some point in their life they can look back and smile at all the great memories they shared with their family, remembering the smiles, laughter and love of the past can give them an overwhelming warmth and can touch their hearts in ways no other person could describe or make them feel.

The problem is that families get caught up in the hype and robotic life of what we call our “daily routines” we tend to become more robotic than emotional affectionate beings.

Fathers and Mothers have work and have to wake up early as well as organize their children’s schedules and pick up plans, they come back home already exhausted and have to make sure their kids have completed their assignments only to prepare dinner and find themselves back in bed and so it goes day in day out!

Well Papas how important is your role in creating these memories in your household?
Well, memories are made of moments and to live in a moment you have to be really present in it. I emphasize really because you can be at home and your little one could be sitting right next to you telling you a story and your mind be somewhere else, at the office, thinking about the next meeting you have.  Coming back home to your family should mean leaving everything else behind. And being there with them Listening, talking, laughing, joking, maybe even preparingdinner together! That’s what it’s all about. Do not forget though:

1. Memories take time

2. Memories are made of Varied Adventure

3. Memories are celebrated

4. Memories are both planned and unplanned

In case you’re wondering I haven’t drifted off topic because yes making memories is that simple. It’s not necessarily bound to your next travel plans or in the form of spending so much! but it’s made in the simplest of ways.

Which is why it’s never too late to start, I urge you to start being more present and affectionate towards your little ones and watch how the changes work! Memories are powerful family possessions that profoundly link hearts together! And your children will surely cherish you for them.