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3 ways to Survive Diaper Changing when Mamas Not Home | 12 June 2015

So, your baby has just hit the age of one, two or maybe three?

Old enough for your wife to feel he/she is safe to be left without her supervision. And you have planned your day accordingly, a bit of cartoons while you respond to some emails maybe read a book later?

Who are you kidding?

You know it's gonna be a day chasing them around the house while they venture on their little adventures making sure they're not doing anything that will hit that nerve of your wife’s like coloring on the couch, maybe even squeezing her favorite face cream down the toilet, who knows what these little energetic explorers could do.

Endless possibilities...

But! All is rainbows and butterflies until you hear "Papa papa I made a Booboo and a Wee-wee", or it might just happen that you heard the smell because it was so loud!

Either way, what's papa to do now?

Here is where we will supply you with 3 survival tips:

First, find those after wash clippers; now place them on your nose... Okay don't do that. On a more serious note, I would call it the sit, lock and change strategy: it goes a little something like this:

1- Sit: Try getting them to sit down first, that's a challenge on its own! Make sure of course, that before you do this you have prepared the area. Lay down the changing mat, and put the cream and wipes all in place. (Because if you have to leave them for a minute after you get them to sit down, be sure that when you get back they won't be there anymore!)

2- Lock: Now you have to lay them down and keep them still long enough to be able to clean them up without making a mess! To do this successfully what you need is to either BE a distraction or get them a distraction (favorite toy, action figure, Barbie etc.)

3- change: You have them in place, and if you're lucky the distraction is working really well! So all you have to do now is change. Remove the diaper, wipe them clean and don't forget to apply the cream against rashes, then put the new diapers on! and Voilà! Mission Accomplished!

(Make sure you seal the dirty diapers well, using the stickies on the two side of the diaper and dispose it far, far away... And not is the kitchen bin!)

Do you have any diaper changing stories or question to share with us?