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Today, most fathers do not shy away from changing nappies or taking charge of the difficult tasks such as putting the baby to sleep. Thanks to our cultural change which has helped in strengthening the relationship between father and child and consequently the emotional development of a child!

  Every father and mother can only hope that they raise their children in a way that at some point in their life they can look back and smile at all the great memories they shared with their family, remembering the smiles, laughter and love of the past can give them an overwhelming warmth and can touch their hearts in ways no other person could describe or make them feel.

So, your baby has just hit the age of one, two or maybe three?

Old enough for your wife to feel he/she is safe to be left without her supervision. And you have planned your day accordingly, a bit of cartoons while you respond to some emails maybe read a book later?

Who are you kidding?