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All You Need to Know About Sex After Giving Birth | 16 June 2015

Performing something without knowing its consequences can be dangerous. One should always be aware of what might happen in order to avoid unfavorable results. When it comes to sex after baby delivery, it's the same situation. Just because you've done it before doesn't mean it will be the same, the condition you're in affects a lot what you're doing.

Here are some questions regarding "Sex After Baby Delivery"
A woman's body changes a lot after a baby delivery, giving birth affects the hormones, the body shape, the energy and of course your private parts. The most frequently asked questions by women about this issue are the following:

1) How soon can I have sex after baby delivery?
Considering the fact that baby delivery is no easy accomplishment, your body needs time to heal, whether from a C-section or natural delivery. Waiting for four to six weeks before having sex, gives your body enough time to heal, by then, your cervix will be closed, postpartum bleeding will stop and any other changes will have time to heal.
But, this period is not a standard timeline for every woman. Some women feel ready to have sex after a couple of weeks, others need more than that, like a few months or sometimes more, because of the fear of pain and the stress might take over the sex drive.

2) Will having sex after delivery hurt?
The slower you take things, the better it will feel! Start by cuddling, kissing or maybe getting a massage from your husband (A massage is enough without the sex, right?). This will build the intensity of stimulation higher!
Pay attention to one small detail, your private V! The hormones secreted by your body after delivery might leave your vagina dry and tender. In that case, try using some lubricant cream or gel!
If you tried several times, and took all the precautions, but it still hurts, try consulting your doctor, no one knows better!

3) Will it feel different?
It depends on how much time you wait! If you didn't wait enough time for your body to heal completely, it might be difficult for you to find you orgasm, because some vaginal muscles might be sore! But this is definitely temporary!
The most important thing is focusing on you, your partner and the "sex". Forget the laundry, diapers or any other household chores, they won't help!

4) What if I'm too tired or not interested in sex?
It's OKAY! Don't be afraid to say no, or to share how you feel with your partner!
Taking care of baby isn't an easy job, it's take time and energy and will leave you exhausted and craving a good night sleep.  Not being ready to have sex, or not being aroused is no big deal when you just gave birth.
You can always find other ways to spend romantic and private time with your partner, maybe a romantic dinner/lunch.
Make sure you know the difference between a low sex drive/being tired and Postpartum depression.

5) How can I boost my sex drive?
Most sexual concerns disappear after a maximum of 1 year after baby delivery. but in the meantime, take care of your body:
- Adjust to parenthood. Remember it takes time, don't expect it to happen in a couple of months.
- Appreciate your body. You will look different now that you had a baby, your body will be going through a lot of changes. Don't worry, instead look proud of yourself, baby weight is not that hard to get rid of!
- Eat healthy and include a lot of fluids to help your body cleansing.
- Get this booty movin! Include physical activities in your daily routine, it will help you relax and get the stress out of you, you can always exercise with your baby.