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4 Most Shocking Pregnancy Stories | 16 June 2015

Pregnancy is the most beautiful miracle, but for these women it was, as you say, tragic! Here are the most shocking pregnancy story!

The Youngest Parents.
The youngest father noted in history was 13 years old, and lives in the UK. The mother of his child is 15 years old. Why is a 13 year old boy fooling around having sex with his girlfriend? Isn't love that age supposed to be "pure"? There were some questioning that the boy might not be the actual father, so they ran some DNA tests, well guess what... He IS! the story was so shocking that all the news were talking about it!

She Can't Get Pregnant? Her Daughter Can...
Also in UK ( which, personally, is now a bad luck location for pregnancy), a mother forces her 14 year old daughter to get pregnant!  Seriously? Usually parents beg their children to stay away from these situation, this mother is forcing her daughter? Well, the mother wanted a child for herself and it seems she can't get pregnant, so she uses a syringe to insert sperm from a donor and get her daughter pregnant. The government later found out and put the women in jail for child abuse!

This one is Tragic...
There was pregnant woman who was brain dead by week 15, but her fetus was perfectly healthy and alive. Doctors didn't want the baby to die with the mother, but it was too early to deliver her. So doctors kept the mother alive on machines for 12 weeks until they can deliver the baby. After performing a C-section on the mother to get the baby out, safe and sound, they unplugged the machines and let the woman die! Tragic!

The "46 years pregnancy"!
I mean a 10 months pregnancy might be a little okay, but a 46 years one? Well when the woman got into labor, in 1955, she was rushed to the hospital where she witnessed a woman pass away during delivery. She got so scared that she refused to deliver and went back home. she suffered from pain for two days then it disappeared. She thought it was a case of the sleeping baby, and the labor will come back later, she didn't know it will take 46 years. In 2001, the woman was rushed again to the hospital because of a severe stomach pain. After running some tests, doctors found the baby, conceived 46 years ago, in her stomach! Talk about sleeping!