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The Mother Who Gave Up Her Life for her Child | 09 June 2015

Elizabeth Joice, a woman who battled cancer and survived in 2010 but was left barren because of chemotherapy, got pregnant as she described it, miraculously, after defeating cancer.


But, in her second month of pregnancy, Joice received the bad news of cancer returning to her body. Tough the doctors removed the tumor from her back, they couldn't be sure that the cancer didn't spread further in her organs. She didn't agree on having her body fully scanned because she had to terminate her pregnancy before the procedure.

Joice then decided to go through her pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby girl, "Lily". But through her third trimester, Elizabeth started experiencing trouble breathing, that's when they found out that the cancer has spread into her lungs. Later after delivery, doctors also discovering that her stomach, pelvis and heart! Elizabeth passed away six weeks after her baby girl was born... But the happiness she felt when holding her baby for the first time, even though she knew she was dying, brought tears to everyone!

This Amazing story shows just how much love a mother carries even to her unborn baby!