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6 Facts You Need To Know About Autism
6 Facts about Autism Here are 6 facts about autism you might not know:
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If You Have a Sick Child.. You must Read This!
What might be surprising but is in fact true, is that parents who have a child diagnosed with cancer
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A Hopeful Case: Let the food be the cure!
How would you feel if your 4 years old boy was diagnosed with Autism? Devastated? Sad? Well, that&rs
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Help Your Autistic Child Get a Goodnight Sleep
Help you Autistic child get a good night sleep!Sometimes, being uncomfortable, autistic children ten
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Doctor says

  • Dr Ziad Bassil provided us with 7 solutions and tips they are very beneficial to both mothers with newborns and mothers who are experiencing motherhood for a 2nd and 3rd time. ...

    15 July 2015 - Published
  • Puberty is a critical time that every girl goes through from the age of 8 – 13 years. A lot of changes occur in her body during this time physically, mentally, sexually and most importantly biologically. ...

    15 July 2015 - Published
  • Depression with children can start between 5 to 12 years of age this depression can show in many ways through many signs but the most important to look out for are the following: ...

    15 July 2015 - Published

For papas

  • What if I told you that instead of escaping from your house because of your children, you could escape to another planet?


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Hi, I'm thinking of switching to Novalac IT 1 for my 4-month son. Can you please let me know - 1. if this formula has cornstarch used in it? 2. if this formula has a higher content of sugar (sucrose, etc) in it than the regular Novalac formula. Thanks....
Hi, my baby is 2.5 months. He has been taken Novalac IT1, since 1.5 months, so my question is, can he get this type of food more than period that now he does, or is this type of milk (IT1) has a special time for use? best regard...

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Novalac is aiming to spread awareness on issues concerning your kids! In collaboration with North Autism Center, we are trying to get you to learn more about Autism and how to deal with it!
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