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Reasons Why New Moms Cry... A Lot! | 23 June 2015

The miracle of birth is now over... You going back home with a beautiful angel, feeling excited about your new life and very happy, yet tears keep flowing down your face out of nowhere and sometimes for reasons you really don't understand.

You can say it's the baby blues, or blame it on the hormones, whatever it is, get ready for the tears!

Happy movie, happy news and sometimes just a happy commercial. At least these are happy tears.

The thought of everyone out having fun... without you. Here comes the tears and the angry hormones (Watch out everybody!)

When you remind her of her pre-pregnancy clothes. It's okay... It takes time!

When the maternity leave is over. But... I don't want to go back!

The baby's firsts. First smile, first laugh, first sound, etc. Any first will do the job!

When a non-parent friend or a family member judges your parenting skills. You think you do it better? huh?