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Defend Your Baby Against Fat | 17 June 2015

If you have already started working on it, then you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you probably spent the last 6 months feeding your baby, putting him to sleep, walking him in the stroller, etc. he doesn't have to move because, you know, he's too small!! Well, I'm sorry to tell you but you have wasted 6 months NOT exercising your baby!

That's right! Exercising must start from month 1! From 0 to 6 months, babies have a specific set of exercises that can be done. By the age of 6 months until 12 months, babies have other types of exercised that are adequate.

Here are some exercises for your 6-12 months old baby:
Toe to Ear
1.    Lay the baby on his back.
2.    Keeping his leg straight, slowly bring his right big toe toward his left ear (do not force it), and then guide it back to the starting position. Then bring the left toe toward the right ear.
Mountain Climbing
1.    Sit on the floor, your legs extended and your knees slightly bent. Hold the baby on your lap facing you, and grasp him around the rib cage.
2.    Lean back slightly, and let baby walk up the front of your body. This is a good exercise for young legs.

1.    With baby lying on his stomach, place your hand under his belly and pelvis, and lift the lower part of his body. The child should support his own upper body weight using his arms and hands. Notice that baby holds his head up and looks forward.
2.    Now your baby should walk forward on his hands.

         Now always remember, what's really important is you baby's happiness. If your baby doesn't enjoy and have fun doing these exercises, just stop them, you don't want to make him cry!