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The baby you've been waiting for has finally come! You had your time to heal from giving birth, some time to spent with your newborn, maybe not enough, but you have got to get back to your job! Leaving your baby for the first time is not easy, and there is no tip or trick to do to make it easier... But what we can ease for you is getting back to business without having anything missing!

At each milestone of your baby's development, you, a as a mother, have a certain role to play, of course beside the non-stop affection to provide during his long lifetime. What to do with your baby from the day you bring him to this life until he reaches his 6th month? Here you will find the answer...

All a new mother could wish for is a goodnight sleep. But an uncomfortable baby deprives his mother from sleep. Well, getting your baby to sleep needs no magic remedy, just a pinch of love and your gentle touch. Get your little one to relax, calm down and go to sleep... How? Give your baby a massage and watch him for asleep right away.

Most parents believe that an emotional bond with their baby is something that comes naturally. Well, it's true! But even if you will immediately have that connection with your baby at the moment he/she is born, it's important to maintain it and make sure it grows even fonder.