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Many researches have been done regarding an early discovery of Autism in children, but the 100% diagnosis is still invalid until the age of 2-3 years. Yet, some unusual early signs, might give parent the chance to intervene at an early age which can make a huge difference for an autistic child.

What is secondhand smoke? Secondhand smoke is the smoke from the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar combined with the smoke breathed out by the smoker. You can be exposed to secondhand smoke anytime a person smokes near you.

Puberty usually starts at the average age of 11-12 years old, some might have it before and others might have later! But Milana, a Russian baby girl, has regular periods, her breasts have started forming and she has developed pubic hair... Since she was 3 months old.Talk about pre-puberty!

While most people can be allergic to dust, nuts, dairy, a certain kind of fabric, etc. What helps them is being able to stay away from these elements and they would be safe from any allergic reaction. What makes life harder is not being able to stay away from the things you're allergic to...

You might be aware that teaching your children healthy eating habits at a young age will stay with them forever. As well as, teaching you little ones to exercise from day 1 will result in a life-long habit of exercising and staying fit. Even if you have obesity running in your family, the earlier your child starts exercising, the sooner exercise will operate defense against fatness!